The complete Strategic Plan for Rock Branch Elementary is available in the school's Parent Resource center. We invite you to check it out and welcome your comments or questions about it. Our students and parents are a valuable part of the school's culture!

1. To improve understanding of math and reading vocabulary by 30% in grades K-5 utilizing BOY and EOY standardized assessments given in September and April.

2. All students in grades K-5 will show growth in math problem solving as measured on classroom assessments. 80% of students in grades K-5 will be able to complete one and two-step word problems using all major math operations listed as part of the standards for that grade level with an average of 80% accuracy as measured on the EOY assessment.

3. Students will improve their overall reading fluency in grades K-5 from BOY to EOY based on provided formative ans summative assessments.

4. By the conclusion of the 2018 School Year, students in grades K-5 will improve their retell scores on passages by 20% using a standardized assessment provided in September and May.

5. Teacher Goal: To improve the Rock Branch Elementary Professional Learning Communities by agreeing to adopt their PLC's current SMART Goal to guide adult and student learning throughout the year.