2018-2019 Strategic Plan Goals

  1. To improve student’s understanding of math and reading vocabulary by 30% in grades K-5 utilizing BOY to EOY standardized assessments given in September and April.

  2. 80 % of students in grades K-5 will be able to complete and master one and two-step word problems using all major math operations listed as part of the standards for their grade level.

  3. Students will improve their overall reading fluency in grades K-5 from BOY to EOY based on provided formative and summative assessments.

  4. By the conclusion of the 2018 SY, students in grades K-5 will improve their retell scores on passages by 20% using a standardized assessment provided in September and May.

  5. Teacher Goal:  To improve the RBE Professional Learning Communities by agreeing to adopt their PLC’s current SMART Goal to guide adult and student learning throughout the year.

A complete copy of Rock Branch Elementary School's Strategic Plan is available at the school to anyone interested in seeing it.